Welcome to The DivinityCraft Network Store!

Here you can buy ranks and cool perks inside and related to our server! You can pay with either your PayPal balance or a debit/credit card linked to your PayPal account. Simply choose your desired way of payment at the checkout. All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise stated. Purchases are instant - the items and its associated perks should be added to your account within 5 minutes.

Need help? Contact Us on our community discord at: http://discord.gg/qDFUEJt
You can also email us at thedivinitycraftofficial@gmail.com You can also look at our website here: https://divinitycraft.net/  for more info about our server.

DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with mojang in anyway other then the EULA. Mojang can not indirectly have an impact on our server unless through an update or something to do with server software or other technical issues.